Intangible cultural heritage

  • Post published:09/07/2020
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Intangible culture

Beer is everywhere in Belgium. Chopes pile up in every souvenir shop, beer signage dots the many Belgian streets, and you smell beer – like perfume – in every Belgian town.

As a contrast to tangible and physical intellectual wealth, an intangible cultural heritage is a practice, knowledge, or skill considered by UNESCO to be part of a place’s cultural heritage. Brewing and drinking knowledge refine and pass on from generations to generations. UNESCO classified Belgian beer culture, dating back from the 12th century, as an intangible culture.

In a nutshell, while the abbeys and monasteries that produced the beer become the tangible part of the beer culture, the beer itself, its taste, its benefits and the making of, is intangible, not to alter.

But there are many other ways to turn beer ‘tangible’ in the sense ‘touchable’ : chopes, T-shirts, towels, key-chains… with a beer logo.  A tourist can’t fly a case of beer with him/her, but can bring these beer-tised objects home to extend his/her Belgian experience.

La Beer Epoque expands this Belgian beer experience.