Essential oils

Essential oils used in LBE soaps

Top note

  • Spearmint T6 – more subtle than peppermint
  • grapefruit T5 – energising oil that boost mood but isn’t too powering
  • petitgrain T? – Petitgrain Oil possesses an aroma that is sweet, yet tart with subtle floral and woody characteristics.  It has uplifting and calming effect.
  • Lavender T4 – calming and sedative

Middle note

  • Fir M5 – clearing the mind of clutter and helping to clear a space of negativity prior to meditation, an energizing and uplifting oil that can help combat fatigue and help focus
  • cypress M5- the woody aroma of Cypress Essential Oil blends well with a number of essential oils including other woody oils, mint oils, the citrus oils, especially grapefruit, and it is beautiful when blended in low dilution with florals.
  • Tilia (Linden Blossom) – typically european plant and abandon in Belgium.

Base note

  • Vetiver B7- a strong earthy and rooty essential oil which is remarkably soothing and calming, ideal for spiritual and emotional application.
  • Patchouli B6 – extracted from leaves, rich earthy and grounding,
  • Virginia Cedarwood B?- calming, comforting, help oily skins

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