Handmade Soap

Soaps, at its origin, were handmade – it’s a process of saponifying the fatty-acids, which are components of oils and fats.

In the past, that is grandmother’s recipes, our ancestors’ wisdom and her magic spoon; now it’s calculated formulas, science and good manufacturing practice.  

Today, there are plenty of regulations governing handmade soaps or cosmetic products.  We endeavour to comply to these regulations in order to give the best, but the handmade spirit is not forgotten. 

They are made in an artisan way but in a purpose-built workshop, but not pressed out identically out of a machine.

People treasure handicrafts, because they are unique, different, and sometimes imperfect.  Imperfect ? No two handmade soaps look identical, because they are stamped and cut by hand.

Some might look uglier than another because something happen during the saponification – excess heat, moisture, etc.  Colour sometimes differs slightly batch to batch. I must agree machine clones things better.

Unless we purposely formulate a rustic look soap, we try to select the best looking ones for sale in our web shop.

LBE soaps
Each soap is tidied up before packaging

But imperfectness makes beauty.  You’ll find in my instagram account handmade soaps not for sale in the webshop.  In my soap-making journey, I like to experience different soap making methods and packaging.  Some failed, some succeeded.  This is the place where I showcase my creations. Thank you.

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