Mythas – artistic olive & shea butter soaps

Mythas are artistic artisan cold-process soaps from Ka Lab.  They are made with four fatty ingredients : olive oil, shea butter, coconut oil and castor oil, and no beer.  The Mythas soaps suit all types of skins.  As always, Vit E is added as an extra skin enhancer and natural preservative.  They are handmade in small quantities and some are unique items. The three variants are :

Mythas Mimosa – colored yellow with Mica and scented with Mimosa fragrance. This very attractive and fragrant soap exists in flower or regular rectangular shape. Available from septembre 2022.

Mythas Rose – using three colors – red, off-white and green, numerous artistic swirled soaps can be created. They can have different shapes and weight and the creations are seasonal. All perfumed with the IFRA approved fragrance Rose Orientale.

Savon Kawai – there are three Kawais – off-white, brick red (from red clay) and pastel green (from green clay); all scented with Davinia fragrance. On our webstore, we sell only the two and three-soap packs.

As always, Mythas soaps are conformed to EU regulations and registered in the CPNP portal.

More Mythas are available in our showroom and in our stand in the following weekly markets in Brussels:

Wednesday PM : Altitude 100, Forest

Saturday AM : Place St. Denis, Forest

Sunday AM : Place Jourdan, Etterbeek or Maison Communale Watermael Boisfort.