Private Label

If you wish to outsource soap-making for sale under your brand name in the European Union market, we can do private labels which adhere to the EU regulations. Private labels are suitable for brasseries and beauty salons who wants to have their own soap products.

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Party gifts or soap personalisation

Soaps can be tailored-made in several manners, and you can build a story behind your gift :

L’emballage personalisé

Delivery : 2-3 months

On the soap itself :

  1. Define or choose a formula with your favorite ingredients, the flowers or the herbs you grow.  With your favorite beer or without beer. Guests will know it’s a love from you.
  2. Choose a colour for your soap that match with your party’s theme or home furnishings.
  3. Choose a favorite form for your soap that resonance an occasion.
  4. Choose your favorite fragrance or scent to show your personality.
  5. Make a special stamp, a logo, a signature and have it stamped onto the soap.
  6. Of course, nothing prevents you from taking a learning session and learn to make the soaps yourself. 

On the packaging

  1. Numerous ideas on the packaging material and format to surprise your guests.
  2. Create a message that goes with the soap you choose and impress your guests.

Accompanying the soap

  1. Why not add a soap accessory – a soap saver, a scrubber to your gift set. We can create textile products that go with your soap gifts.

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