Savon Kawai | Davinia fragrance 3pc combo (~180g)

8,18 TTC

Savon Kawai is a pack of 3 colour soaps of the same base ingredients perfumed with Davinia fragrance.   Gentle and suits all skin type. A perfect gift for all occasions, or for your own enjoyment.

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Code : M003  Savon Kawai | Toilet soap with Davinia fragrance.

Dimension: 3-pc package : 7 x 5,6 x 4,8cm.  Net wt ~180g.

Dimension of each soap  ~7×4,8×1,8cm.  Net wt 60~65g

Another member of the Mythas soaps family.  We offer a pack of 3 soaps in three colors :

  • Off-white : colored by a minute quantity of titanium dioxide
  • Green : colored by French green clay & kaolin
  • Red : colored by Red clay.

Davinia is floral fragrance with a rich, creamy character and a background of patchouli, cedar, soft fruits, musk and iris.

Ingredients INCI: 

Sodium olivate, aqua, sodium cocoate, sodium shea butterate, glycerin, parfum, sodium castorate, tocopherol, illite, kaolin, CI77891, coumarin

The minerals, not only color the soaps naturally, but also soothe your skin.

Made in Belgium by Ka Lab


Additional information

Weight (+package) 220 g
Dimensions (+package) 18 × 14 × 6 cm