Cold process soap making workshop (saponification à froid)


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atelier de saponification

There is no soap-making workshop in July and August 2022.  

Classes resume in September.  Watch out this space.



Dates for June 2022: (updated every Monday)

Tue 21/jun       9-12h    2places available     |  14-17h  2 places available


Fri 24/jun        9-12h   2 places available    |  14-17h 2 places available

Tue  28/jun        9-12h   2 places available     |  14-17h 2 places available


Other dates and time on request.

The soap (cold process soap) making process requires two sessions :

  1. First session of 3 hours – formulation (theory) and making (practice).
  2. Wait 2-3 days.
  3. Second session of 1 hour (Formula A option 2) or 3 hours (Formula B) – debriefing, cutting, stamping and styling of soaps.
  4. Dry soap for 4-6 weeks then good for use.

To suit your needs, we have come up with two formulas of workshop :

  Formula A (1 session only) (PDF flyer here) Formula b (session 1 & 2)
(PDF flyer here)
Time 3 hours (half day) 2 x 3 hours (2 half days)
Content formulation and making Day 1 – formulation & making
Day 2 (48 hours later): debriefing, cutting, stamping, soap styling; and a hands-on practice on 300g of Melt and Pour glycerine soap.  
How to get your soaps

Option 1 – 36€ -The soap will first be kept at the laboratory.  Then I will do the cutting, stamping and styling of the soaps and send you a video on it.  One week later, I’ll deliver the soaps for you to continue to dry them at home. Free Bruxelles delivery.  +~7 euros for other Belgian locations. 

Option 2 – 40€ – You come back 2-3 days later to cut, stamp, and style the soaps.  You leave with your soaps and dry at home.

You will bring the soaps home on Day 2 to continue the drying process.
How much soaps are made ~1kg natural soap before drying ~1kg natural soap before drying ~300g glycerine soap

option 1: 36€ TTC (excluding delivery for outside Brussels) option 2: 40€ TTC

60€ TTC
Dates Every Tue or Friday morning 9-12 or afternoon 14-17
Other dates on request.

every Tuesday and Friday morning 9-12 or 14-17

*Fees include: teaching, use of personal protection equipment, all ingredients, use of tools.  We shall be making non-beer soaps.  No other hidden fees except postage fees. You will use what we can provide as ingredients, we will not entertain any request for rare ingredients.  You are welcome to bring your essential oils or oil-based perfums to scent your soaps.


  • Language: English or French.

  • To ensure personalised follow up in the workshop, I can accommodate max. 2 persons in the laboratory at the same time. 

  • Payment due before class starts via ‘payconiq’ or bank transfer.

Questions and reservations : Miss Amy Lam or +32 0468 07 62 06

Amy Ka-Wai Poisot-Lam : Certified savonnier – Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles, Franc1Op€