Savon Kawai Davinia tricolor 70g

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This fun tri-color soap is the artistic version of the Kawai soap scented with Davinia.  Each soap carries slightly different patterns.

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Code: M004  Savon Kawai Davinia tricolor

Dimension: 5×7,5x2cm.  Weight: ~70g net.

A tri-color hydrating soap with the Mythas formula based on Olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter and castor oil.  Always enriched with vitamin E also as a natural preservative. The colours come from the natural clay minerals : green clay, red clay and titanium dioxide.

Davinia is a rich and creamy floral fragrance.

The soaps come from the same lot, but the artistic effect of each soap can be slightly different.

The soap is wrapped first with parchment paper, then with a paper belt, not a box.

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Weight (+package) 100 g