Towel ring

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Rustic-look towel ring, fits hand towels and bath towels, can also be used as an heat-proof under-dish.

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Code: A908TR | Dimension : ~8cm⌀ interior 11cm⌀ exterior (horizontal measurement)

Four meters of hemp cord is hand-coiled to make this rustic look towel ring.  Simple and functional.  Fits hand towel to bath towel (brown towel in the picture measure 150 x 80cm).  Can also be used as an heat-proof under dish.  Only one model is available now.

Material : a total of 4,5m of imitation hemp.  We have tried with natural hemp, but not sturdy enough and the fibre drop out gradually.  Synthetic hemp on the other hand can assure the sustainability of the product.

Care: keep dry as much as possible.

Designed and handmade in our soap workshop in Brussels.


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Weight (+package) 40 g
Dimensions (+package) 15 × 12 × 2 cm