Which beer ?

Which beers are used in LBE soaps?

Belgian beer is used in LBE beer soaps, which are formulated with two considerations :

  1. beer – determines the soap attributes (scent, colour, additives and sometimes the name)
  2. oil composition – determines for which skin type the soap is made for (see blog article ‘ingredients’)

If you want to turn your favourite beer or home brew into soaps, contact us. 1 bottle of 25cl or 33cl can give 1-3 kg of soap.

LBE uses currently the following criteria to select beers used in our soaps.

  1. Light / blonde / white / ambrée (light in colour, SRM* 1 <=20) – Essentials E soaps
  2. Dark / brune (darker in colour, SRM up to 40) – Sudoras soaps
  3. Lambic / fruité (addition of fruit or other flavor) – Fruitas soaps.
Essentials ELeffe, Duvel, Hoegaarden, Jupiler, Westmalle Tripel, Floreffe, Blanche de Namur, La Chouffe Blonde
Essentials E | HoublonWestmalle Tripel
Essentials E (Micro-brewers)La Récup TOF RUN, La Récup TRAIL
Essentials E | Double beerLa Schaerbeekoise, Eizelskop Schoerebeik, Bavik Stout, Hoegaarden
Essentials E | 50gJupiler (Belgian beer)
Sudoras DayTrappist Rochefort
Sudoras NightChimay Bleue
Fruitas GriotteMorte Subite
Fruitas LimonadoMaes Radler
Fruitas PommeLindemans Apple
Shampoo barKarmeliet Tripel
Beers used in our soaps, as of Jan 2021

*SRM refers to Standard Reference Method, a color scale from 1-40 to indicate the colour of beers.

If you don’t find the beer you like here, send us at least one* suggestion (this is an anonymous poll and we will not collect email address from you here) :

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