Other than oil, lye and scent, every single thing added to a natural soap is being well thought of and well calculated in order to add extra values to the soap. Additives may be natural materials or synthetic substances. It is a common misunderstanding that man-made molecules are not as good as its natural version. Compared to the inconsistency of each harvest of natural ingredients, such as essential oils, their synthetic form are in fact more stable and reliable as they are made in a controlled and documented way and all assessed safe for cosmetic use according to EU regulations.

AdditiveOriginInWhat is it for?
BeerBelgiumallSkin conditioning
Vit EEUallAnti-oxidant of superfat
HopsBelgium, USA, CzechEssentials ESkin soothing, exfoliant, hair conditioning, antimicrobial, antiperspirant, skin protecting, masking
Illite (clay)FranceFruitasDirts extraction. Natural colorants.
CafévariousSudoras DayAnti-age and anti-oxidant. It is believed that coffee can kill unpleasant odeur. Natural colorant.
Bamboo charcoalChinaSudoras NightDirts extraction. Natural colorant.
MicaChinaFruitasNatural Silicate mineral as colorant
Additives used in LBE soaps

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