Coconut oil laundry / dish soap (unscented)

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This soap is made with only two oils: coconut oil and colza oil. Perfect for hand-wash tasks on organic fabrics (food contact, OEKO-TEX), delicate clothes (e.g. underwear), and especially dishes. This soap foams up abundantly, but is easy to rinse off and does not dry out your hands.

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Coconut oil laundry / dish soap

Raw materials: coconut oil, colza oil, lye.

Colza oil is added to moisturise your hands when using this soap.

Best for hand washing cotton/synthetic fabrics, dishes, pots and pans.  Rub the soap against a brush or sponge to start your cleaning.

Easy rinse-off, no undesirable nor chemical residues.

Ingredients (INCI) – sodium cocoate, sodium olivate, glycerin, aqua.  No fragrance.

Size: 6,5cm ⏀, 2.3 cm thick**

Soap colour varies from lot to lot, from off-white to very light brown.  Packaging is in craft paper or waxed paper.

Weight: ~80g**

** Handmade products.  With time, the weight and dimension of final product may subject to 3-5% variation in weight and size due to continual loss of traces of water content.

Made and shipped from Brussels.

Additional information

Weight (+package) 90 g
Dimensions (+package) 9,5 × 9,5 × 3 cm