Heart-shape Lavender bag 15g

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Heart-shaped lavender bags are great add-ons to your home. Use them in your wardrobe, drawers or even shoes.  It can be hung up in your closet. Rub them a few times occassionally to release more fragrance.

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Lavender bags are great items for home use and as a gift item.

4 colors available: grey, baby blue, pink, lavender.  Please specify colour during the check-out process.

With the ties provided, it can also be used hanging up

Dimension : 14cm long, 8cm (widest part of bag).  Hanging ribbons: ~22cm long each.

Fabric: 100% cotton sourced in Europe.  Do not wash.

Content: 15 g dried lavandin flower from Provence of France.

Content is not renewable, but you can squeez the bag from time to time to release more lavander fragrance.

Alternatively you can add a few drops of laveder essential oils on the bag to boost the fragrance.

Handmade by Ka Lab savonnerie in Brussels.

Product code: A925SL

Additional information

Weight (+package) 50 g
Dimensions (+package) 18 × 14 × 3 cm

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