Le Serpent – back/face washing strap

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Grab and rub your back like using a towel in the grandpa days.  Simple and effective.  No unneeded handle nor silicone parts.  This is great to exfoliate the whole body which will benefit from its massaging and invigorating properties.

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Back/face washing strap

Code: A902LS  |  Dimension approx: L107cm – W8.5cm (centre) **

See also the giftset Le Serpent.

The natural exfoliating power of the fabric will improve blood flow and extraction of impurities from your skin. 

Material: Many says its sisal, but be honest, natural sisal is much harder than this; this is a mix of 35% linen, 45% cotton and 12% polyester.  More effective than a towel, less harsh than sisals and still give you the pleasure of massaging in a skin-friendly way.

How to use: 

Back/body: First wet the belt, then rub a bit of your favorite soap on one side and gently start to rub body skin. Rinse well after every use and let it dry in a well-ventilated place. The soap residue inside the sponge can compromise and damage it.

Face: Both open ends can be used as a face disc.  Insert 2 or 3 fingers into the end pocket and hold the remaining belt with another hand.

Normal and Oily skin: 2 times a week.

Do not use on really sensitive, damaged or irritated skin. Not for kids under 15yrs.

Suggestions: change the item every 4/6 months of frequent use.

Do not wash nor dry in washing machine: when necessary you can leave the belt in lukewarm water with a spoon of baking soda, rinse well after a night and let it dry. The item will be as new and disinfected.

** Handmade product, please accept there might be +/- 2~3% of difference

Additional information

Weight (+package) 100 g
Dimensions (+package) 16 × 11 × 8 cm