Soap net | Soap saver | Soap Sack

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A soap net, or a soap saver, is used to mousse your soap, dry your soaps, and ‘save’ the soap bits.  It prolongs the life of your soaps.


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What is a soap net for ?

1 hang-dry your soap  2. help quickly generate abundant mousse  3. as a soap saver to gather small bits of soaps together.

Code: A905SN.  Dimension: 8.5cm x 10cm


  1. Put soap(s) inside bag
  2. Wet soap.
  3. Rub between two hands.
  4. Apply mousse to body.
  5. Hang the net/soap dry somewhere where there’s airflow.
  6. Caution: do not rub the net on your skin

Material: Polyester.  This is the only product in our shop that is not a Belgian artisan product and is not biodegradable. 

So it seems this is against our mission of eco-living.  However, by carefully using soaps, dry it after every use using this net or our soap-carrier Le Voyageur, not only can we extend its life span, save your expenses, but also enhance your bathing experience.  This is also best used for collecting soap scraps.   There using a soap saver is considered part of an eco attitude.

Additional information

Weight (+package) 30 g
Dimensions (+package) 11 × 8,5 × 0,5 cm