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Eco(logical)-living is an attitude of living in which we take decisions and actions to take care of our well-being and our environment towards sustainable development. 

How La Beer Epoque® products contribute to eco-living ?

BYOS – bring your own soap

We designed a portable soap dish/carrier Le Voyageur, for you to travel with your favourite soap bar. No leakage, no unused soap bits wasted, no need for plastic soap boxes. 

Le voyageur
Natural soap

Our beer soaps are made with vegetal ingredients through a natural process. Either fresh beer or flat beer (overnight beer with no more CO2 nor alcohol inside – that you might throw away). Very little heat energy is needed and no waste water is produced in this process. 


Natural soap not only lathers and cleans well, the superfat (slight amount of unsaponified oil) and its natural vegetal glycerin moisturise your skins as well after cleaning.  One soap = cleaner + moisturiser. No need to apply body lotion afterwards.  You save money, time and water.

Fast rinsing

Natural soap molecules can be rinsed off quickly, which means not only you save water, but get less irritation to you skin especially in hard water area.

Minimum waste

In addition to using food-grade recyclable paper soap box, we also encourage collective delivery in Brussels so you send you the soaps in a simple paper bag instead of packing them again in layers of carton paper.

Gift set
Vegetal leather

Gift packs are set in a new vegetal leather material called Snap Pap from Germany. It is designed and made by Ka Lab in Brussels. Very strong and light biodegradable material that resembles leather. It can be turned into a holder for document, passport, coupons, etc.  

LBE products helps to fill your mission that not only contribute to the environment, but also save time and money at the same time.


Article by Ka Lab

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