Which beer ?

Which beers are used in LBE soaps?

Belgian beer is used in LBE beer soaps, which are formulated with two considerations :

  1. beer – determines the soap attributes (scent, colour, additives and sometimes the name)
  2. oil composition – determines for which skin type the soap is made for (see blog article ‘ingredients’)

If you want to turn your favourite beer or home brew into soaps, contact us. 1 bottle of 25cl or 33cl can give 1-3 kg of soap.

There are many ways to categorise a beer; LBE uses currently 4 criteria to select beers used in our soaps.

  1. Light / blonde / white / ambrée (light in colour, SRM* 1 <=20) – Essentials E soaps
  2. Dark / brune (darker in colour, SRM up to 40) – Sudoras soaps
  3. Lambic / fruité (addition of fruit or other flavor) – Fruitas soaps.
  4. Winter beer – usually brewed for winter / Christmas seasons – Vintas soaps (Coming soon in 2021 …)
Essentials ELeffe, Duvel, Hoegaarden, Jupiler, Westmalle Tripel, Floreffe
Sudoras DayTrappist Rochefort
Sudoras NightChimay Bleue
Fruitas GriotteMorte Subite
Fruitas LimonadoMaes Radler
Fruitas PommeLindemans Apple
Shampoo barKarmeliet Tripel
Beers used in our soaps, as of Jan 2021

*SRM refers to Standard Reference Method, a color scale from 1-40 to indicate the colour of beers.

If you don’t find the beer you like here, send us at least one* suggestion (this is an anonymous poll) :

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