Wonders of beer soaps

Wonders of beer soaps

Ready to make beer soap

Bathing with beer soaps? Most people might have imagined bathing in a puddle of amber and sticky liquid and getting drunk while ‘cleaned’, but this is not what beer soap is about.

Beer is considered to be a skin-conditioning substance in cosmetics assessment; the yeast and hops present in beer contain natural skin-soothing substances.

In beer soaps, beer is used to replace full or part of water in the soap making process.  It involves an advanced soap-making technique. This does offer some unique qualities to the soap. All La Beer Epoque soaps use up to 40% beer of liquid content, and Belgian beer !

1. It lathers like beer heads

In additional to the natural foaming components in a natural soap, the presence of sugar in beer boost dense and creamy froth that enhances the bathing joy.   More mousse means it cleans better and faster. Unlike commercial foam-boosting agents, the lather from natural soaps are abundant, frothy and smooth.

2. It is not sticky

Unlike artificial lathering agent or surfactant, the natural soap mousse is easy to rinse off.  You are sure to get a nicely cleaned and moisturised skin after even quick rinsing, and you save a lot of water and time by not having to remove stubborn foam that holds onto your skin.

3. It does not smell like beer but has natural scent

Unscented beer soap does not smell like beer.  After saponification, and depend which and how the beer is used, it might carry a range of sweet malt to caramel scent.  It may also smell the natural butters (eg shea butter) or even herbal or medicinal (when ground hops are added).  This is a discrete aroma which might fade gradually with time.

In some, essential oils or fragrance oils are used to recreate the link of the soap to its base beer.  Natural soaps are best used in its natural way without extra scent.  

4. It is skin friendly

The key function of soaps is cleansing, but beer soap offers loads of other benefits to skin.  First, the superfat in the soap contributes additional moisturising function to your skin. Secondly, there is no preservatives that might give you allergies, and all additives used are IFRA approved ingredients.